Compliance against industry standards and customer requirements are vital to business success and growth. There are various industry accreditation schemes, including SALSA and BRC, which sit alongside specific customer standards.

The base level is that all companies and individuals working with food are legally and morally required to maintain specified standards and deliver food safety.

Food safety is defined as “The protection of consumer health and well-being by safeguarding food from anything that can cause harm.”

Flair Food Consulting can support in developing and implementing the practical systems and measures involved in keeping your product safe and wholesome through all stages of production to point of sale or consumption, helping you achieve certification and meet customer standards.

It is important to acknowledge that the only defence against a breach of food safety law is ‘Due-Diligence Defence’.

In order to demonstrate due-diligence defence you must be able to show that you have “taken all reasonable precautions to prevent that incident occurring”.

At Flair Food Consulting we can tailor our services accordingly, giving you the tools, knowledge are resources to form a solid foundation for you to grow a technically robust, safe and legal business.